French Success Story: Alexandra Claveau, Winemak’her [fr]

Passionate about wines and anxious to honor the women of this rather masculine environment, Alexandra Claveau has bet on a wine bar serving exclusively products from female vineyard owners. Meet the boss of Winemak’her.

The bet was risky: open a wine bar only serving products from female vineyard owners in New York, in the middle of a pandemic. Yet it is the realization of a long project for Alexandra and her husband. Last year, shortly after obtaining her operating license, Alexandra made the choice to open her wine bar in the midst of a pandemic and moved to Park Slope, Brooklyn. Far from being overwhelmed by the situation, she diversified her activity with an online shop, curbside pickup, and by reinventing herself everyday.

Now well established, Alexandra explains her journey, from the birth of the concept to the success that is now hers. Proud to offer wines from female vineyard owners, her bar actually houses a microcosm of France in the heart of Brooklyn, with its pétanque (French popular ball sport) track and a range of classic French spirits.

Far from absolutely wanting to embody a model of French success story, Alexandra prefers to offer quality products, whether it is the wines of her French winegrower female friends or their organic and local side dishes, all of this in a Provencal atmosphere reminiscent of her native town of Avignon.

Last modified on 13/05/2021

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