Retiring Abroad: Deadline extended for the submission of your supporting documents [fr]

In light of the public health crisis caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, special measures are being adopted for retired persons that live abroad and have to provide supporting documents in order to receive their retirement benefits.


Who do these measures apply to?

Any resident of a country outside of France who receives French retirement benefits and who has received a notice of inquiry by mail that’s dated at the end of the months of December, January or February, or by an email that’s dated at the beginning of January, February or March.

What are the extensions that are being granted?

If these measures apply to you, you have an additional 2 months to return your supporting documents, appropriately filled out and signed, from the date indicated on your notice (letter or email) and your online account.

Your retirement payments will not be suspended during this extension period.

These measures are temporary but could be applied again, depending on how the current health crisis evolves.

Last modified on 08/04/2020

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