WWII Veteran Francis Mc Cormac received the Legion of Honor on July 14th, 2020 [fr]

WWII Veteran Francis Mc Cormac also received the Legion of Honor from Consul General Anne-Claire Legendre. Mr. Francis Mc Cormac was incorporated into the US army when he was 22 years old.


During his time in the war he helped install and maintain the radio equipment used in military communication during the Northern France, Ardennes and Rhineland campaigns. One of the notable battles that he took part in was the Battle of the Bulge, the last major German offensive campaign on the Western Front during WWII.


Mc Cormac’s radio messages were critical in stopping the Nazi efforts. He also helped liberate the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau. His strength and courage were instrumental in the strategic missions that led to an Allied victory.


We will never forget the bravery of American heroes such as Francis Mc Cormac who received this decoration.

Last modified on 14/07/2020

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